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Guru Arjan's Marriage

There was a Sikh named Bhai Krishan Chand who lived at village Mao (in Doaba). Bhai Krishan Chand always served with affection and dedication. Once he came to pay homage to Guru along with his family. Bhai Krishan Chand's younger daughter Bibi Ganga was also with them. Bibi Ganga had a loving, decorous, virtuous and sensible nature.

As a result Bhai Krishan Chand was made a marriage proposal for his daughter. Bhai Krishan Chand at once accepted the offer and said, "My Lord! What else would we want, if my daughter gets the chance to serve the Guru's family, it will a blessing. We are very fortunate that the Guru himself wants to become our relative. We have seen Guru Arjan, he is very intelligent and noble."

In the house of the Guru when the date of marriage was fixed, preparations for the marriage began. Guru Arjan travelled towards the village of Bibi Ganga from Amritsar via Goindwal Sahib, Malari, Shankar, Bhangala, Bilga and then Mao Sahib (near Phillaur) to marry to Mata Ganga who lived here.

Along with Guru Arjan the marriage group included Baba Budha Ji, Bhai Manj Ji, Bhai Shalo Ji, Mian Mir Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bhai Sang Ji and other Sikhs. At the time, the village of Bilga only consisted of 7 mud huts. However, the villagers served Guru Arjan and the marriage group with great respect and dedication for 2 days. Guru Arjan was highly impressed with the hospitality the villagers provided and so gave some of his clothes as gifts. The clothes were preserved and can be seen at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Bilga.

Horse And Spear

After arriving in Mao Sahib, all the residents of the village came out to receive the marriage party. They were also very eager to pay homage to the true Guru. The Guru accepted their homage with a smile and blessed them. Then the headman of the village met the group and said, "There is a tradition of this village that before entering the village the bridegroom has to lance out a peg dug in the field with a spear while on horseback."

The Sikhs laughed and said, "My friend! Are you considering us mere hermits? We will enter your village after spearing the peg. Where is the field?" The headman pointed towards a field where the peg prepared from the branch of Jand (Prosopisspicegara) tree was located.

The villagers were clever enough to encarve the roots of the Banyan tree in the form of a peg. All the members of marriage party were equipped with swords, lances and spears. On Guru Sahib's direction a young man handed over a spear to Guru Arjan. He was already riding a horse. Holding the lancer in his right hand, Guru Arjan rode the horse towards the peg and drew it out on the very first attempt in a single move.

Anand Karaj

The people of the village were astonished to see the extraordinary feat of Guru Arjan. They didn't think the Guru would have been able to extract the peg so easily. The members of the marriage party also hailed the wonderful achievement of Guru Arjan. After the group dismounted from their horses, each of villagers took a horse home in order clean, care for and feed it.

The marriage party proceeded towards the house of Bhai Krishan Chand where they were welcomed very cordially and were also served with various types of sweets. The marriage party stayed the night and on the next day (22 Harh 1589 AD) the marriage of Bibi Ganga and Guru Arjan was solmenised by Baba Budha. There is a huge historic well here from the time of Guru Arjan. Some say Guru Arjan built the well as a celebration after the marriage.

The parents of Bibi Ganga had prepared a beautiful palanquin and saw off their daughter with tears in their eyes. When the marriage party along with the palanquin returned home. All the ladies of the city came to see the bride of Guru Arjan. The city was illuminated to celebrate the happy occasion.

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