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Gurdwara Sri Chaunta Sahib Malla

Location - Malla, Faridkot, Punjab, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Bibi Viro Ji

Sikh Artifacts - unknown

Sarovar - Yes

Sarai - unknown

Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji visited the village Malla and stayed at this location for three days.

Guru Hargobind's daughter, Bibi Viro Ji, was married to Bhai Sadhu Ram Khatri who was the son of Bhai Dharam Chand Khosla. Bhai Sadhu and Bhai Dharam were from the village Malla.

When Guru Hargobind was holding a diwan (congregation of Sikhs), a saral (python) came into Guru Hargobind's presence. Guru Hargobind touched the head of the snake with the big toe of his right foot. The snake immeadiately died and many insects came out of its body.

When the Sangat asked Guru Hargobind what had happened, Guru Ji explained that many years ago Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji was traveling through village Lambwali, where Gurdwara Sri Akalgarh Sahib Lambwali is located. Guru Nanak asked Bhai Mardana to bring water from a sadhu nearby. The sadhu refused to help.

Bhai Mardana went to the sadhu three times but every time the sadhu refused to give water. On the fourth visit Guru Nanak accompanied Bhai Mardana. Guru Nanak addressed the sadhu and said, 'Sadhu you are sitting like a python (saral) and you can't serve water to people passing by'.

Hearing the words of Guru Nanak, the sadhu panicked, he had been cursed. The sadhu fell at Guru Nank's feet and said 'I know I have been cursed, how can I be saved?'. Guru Nanak said that he would return in his sixth life to set him free.

Guru Hargobind explained that the other insects in the snakes body were the sadhu's followers who hadn't been taught the true name of lord. Guru Hargobind had the snake buried.

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