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Mai Kabul Wali

Sikhi teaches humility. In keeping with humility, many, many Sikhs prefer gupt (anonymous) seva and do not seek recognition. Mai Kabul Wali was one such person.

Kabul wali mai, or the lady from Kabul is the name chroniclers have given to a woman who rendered devoted service during the digging of the baoli at Goindwal under the supervision of Guru Amar Das.

Day after day, says Sarup Das Bhalla in Mahima Prakash, she toiled away at the site, without anyone knowing who she was, and where she had come from.

One day Guru Amar Das told the Sikhs that lady was from Kabul and that she had by her love of the almighty and duty towards her husband attained spiritual insight.

An old manuscript Mahima Prakash sri Guru Amar Das and an inscription at Gurdwara Haveli sahib at Goindwal mention a lady being in charge of the Manji or Sikh centre at Kabul they give her name to be Mai Sevan.

Unfortunately nothing else is known about such great soul. There are million other such great souls who through the years have tirelessly, effortlessly, worked hard to uplift Sikhs and Sikhi.

Article from Encyclopedia of Sikhism.

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